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Saying goodbye!

While saying goodbye to the babies isn't always easy, it is a relief to see them go.

This year, we had 15 babies born on April first. It was a crazy 24 hours considering all four does kidded on the same day. We were determined to make the babies friendly so we started bringing them into the garage when they were three days old. Each night we would go out to the SheDoesy and grab them (screaming) and carry them to the warm garage to run, jump and play with each other and us. This guaranteed they were friendly (my daughter said too friendly).

Here we are a little over 11 weeks later and the last six are leaving on Wednesday. This year has been a good year to be honest. Our 3 best goats went together to an excellent home. One doeling went to a home and the owner is a vet tech. The six that are leaving on Wednesday are all going to the same home. I am happy they will stay together. We still have a buckling, but he is living his best life out in the field with Beo and Uncle Remmy (our old wether).

It hurts my heart a little to say goodbye, but knowing the babies are all going to good homes and that most of them are together makes the separation easier. I know I can't keep them all. So parting is inevitable.

If you are raising goats you know that you will ultimately have to say goodbye. I recommend that you take the very best care of your babies so that whoever buys them will end up with good goats. Treat your babies as if you were going to keep them forever. Sitting out with your babies is relaxing and satisfying to your soul. It is a rewarding experience to see them born, raise them with love and watch them go off to live their lives. Kind of like your human kids.

Don't be sad. If all goes well, you'll have new babies in less than a year!

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